My Ludum Dare 35 (April 2016) submission, theme was "Shapeshift"

It ended up not really being even close to a complete game, but it looks nice, I guess. Ah Ludum Dare, you are a cruel mistress.

Idea was you are a fish, or a lizard(ish?), or a bird, able to change between the three, eating, pooping, and avoiding tiny environment-limited enemy creatures (water/land/air). These creatures eat your "poop"/waste, but try to eat you if there isn't enough food. The more food they eat, the more they breed. To avoid them, you shapeshift, moving to a new environment and starting again.

Windows (32-bit) OpenGL 4.x executable (written in C and C++): ld35feeney.7z


"michaelfeeneybadmonstercom" or "mfeeneyfanshaweccom"